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Succeed with agile and adaptive ways of working

Thriving in the new era of work

Our free thriving in the new era of work training package has been designed to help your workforce become more agile and adaptive in the face of such change.

  • Assign online training to your staff to access anywhere
  • Equip your teams with the tools they need to embrace and manage change effectively
  • Courses to support hybrid workforces of remote and on-site staff
  • Training includes how-to guides, videos and quizzes

Dealing with the impact of change open close

3 mins video – Changes can have a great impact on your team or your company, since the people are usually not very adaptable to it. Learn how to deal with the impact that changes leave on your team in this course.

Change Management open close

10 mins video – This short course has been designed to boost your ability to handle change effectively. Spend a few minutes with us and see how you can help your company change with the times.

Empathy Module open close

15 mins video – On completion of this module you should have a better understanding of the different types of empathy and how to develop your own ability to effectively empathise with others.

The Power of Storytelling open close

10 mins – Storytelling is an essential communication tool. Use it correctly and you can make complex data accessible, bring a team together, shape organisational culture with compelling narratives and other great benefits. This short course has been designed to give you the essential skills you’ll need to become the storyteller you were always destined to be. Lead the way…

How culture impacts communication open close

30 mins – You’ll explore aspects of cultures that affect how people communicate across cultural boundaries. You’ll learn also considerations for speaking and writing in cross-cultural environments.

How to manage difficult conversations open close

30 mins – You’ll learn how to prepare for a difficult conversation using a four-step process, so that you’re confident and able to manage the conversation constructively. Finally, you’ll learn how to demonstrate that you have the right mindset during the conversation so that it has the best possible outcome.